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INUNA - A community center in the 'cloud'

INUNA is a Greenlandic-language podcast that creates a framework for an auditory gathering place for Greenlanders living in Denmark.

The podcast tells and represents Greenlandic life in Denmark in its diversity, variety and across generations.

In interaction with listeners, INUNA uncovers contemporary issues, life stories and shared experiences from and with the Greenlandic diaspora.

As a community center in the 'cloud', INUNA removes the physical distance between Greenlanders living in Denmark, supports Greenlandic identity and language, and creates a virtual meeting place for different Greenlandic voices, experiences and conversations.

INUNA publishes two podcasts every week, on Tuesday and Thursday, and INUNA can be followed on Social Media.
The programs are based on the recurring themes: New and Old in Denmark, Art and Culture, Research and Education, Business and Work.

INUNA is part of Nordisk Teater Laboratorium in Holstebro, Denmark, where the studio is also located. INUNA invites broad cooperation with Greenlandic fora - and encourages all interested voices to contact us.

At the same time, INUNA invites anyone interested to follow the podcast, regardless of background and language.

*INUNA is a play on the words Nuna (land/earth) and Inuk (human/Greenlander) and Inuit Nunaat (Greenland/land of people) and refers to living in Denmark, through the word Nunasivoq which means "settling in a place where you were not born".

*INUNA logo symbolizes movement in the cloud


INUNA is a Greenlandic language podcast


INUNA is an auditory meeting house for the Greenlandic diaspora in Denmark


INUNA facilitates a platform for different and diverse Greenlandic voices, and provides space for diversity and polyphony


INUNA content supports Greenlandic identity and language


INUNA tackles contemporary issues in interaction with listeners


INUNA is a meeting point where Greenlanders can meet and exchange with a common starting point and a common cultural understanding


INUNA creates space for insightful and compassionate dialogues, conversations and stories about life as a Greenlander in Denmark


INUNA creates the opportunity to nuance and communicate diverse perspectives and create new stories from and with Greenlanders in Denmark


INUNA invites everyone interested to follow the podcast, regardless of background and language

INUNA thought bubbles

Our thought bubbles emerge from the conversations in our podcast and in interaction with listeners, as an additional illumination and complement to the rest of the context, and can be heard as voice-overs in our podcast

#8  INUNA ser Twice Colonized

#8 INUNA ser Twice Colonized

By INUNA / March 23, 2023
I dagens episode er INUNA i København. Vi tager med til åbningsgallaen for festivalen CPH:DOX i DR koncerthus, hvor de...
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Mens INUNA er i Horsens skal vi nu møde Rakel Heilmann, da hun også bor i byen, ligesom Nielseeraq Mathæussen...
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For første gang er INUNA taget ud i Danmark for at samle på talestemmer.  I denne episode besøger vi Nielseeraq...
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I denne episode får INUNA’s lydstudie besøg af Dina Fisker Sandgreen og Salik G. Lennert. Dina og Salik er skuespillerelever...
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Do you want to be part of the INUNA team?

We are looking for voices and hosts across Denmark.

If you are interested, please contact us at or call +45 2115 3275.


Feel free to contact us online!


    M: +45 2115 3275


    Nordic Theater Laboratory - Odin Teatret

    Særkærparken 144

    7500 Holstebro


    VAT no. / CVR no. 28 68 26 54